Monday, March 8, 2010


My friend Sunnyday has this dream of making some really nice Pro-Life statement shirts, and while I like thinking of slogans for them, I really have no idea how wearing a shirt can make a change--especially if nobody gets the point. (Right now, there are so many shirts with "Vote" on it that I find it rather sickening. While I'm convinced that I have to do my civic duty, I don't want to make my right to vote a fashion statement.)

But yesterday, I saw a man in church wearing a Pro-Life shirt. It was blue and it had a list of "10 reasons to love life" at the back, with the tag-line "Choose Life" after the list. And, you know what? I felt so heartened when I saw it! Haha! I was too shy to say anything about the shirt to him (he was maybe like my Dad's age) so I just said a prayer for him to keep wearing the shirt around. Amazing what one shirt can do.

So that's how I figured that it isn't quite useless to have a Pro-Life shirt made, after all--because it is one way of promoting life, everywhere you go. It heartens people with the same strong convictions, and it makes people who don't ask some questions they would otherwise not have bothered to ask....

I found this shirt design from the Generations for Life blog, and I think it says a lot in so few words. Maybe we could have some t-shirts made for March 25 (The Day of the Unborn)! Is that too soon? What do you think?



WillyJ said...

That shirt looks sharp. But what a coincidence, March 25 is my Birthday . Now there's a hint :-)

petrufied said...

Oh! What a coincidence nga, WillyJ! That's very special for a Pro-life advocate ;) hehe!!

Diana said...

This is a slogan I really like! --

Chastity ROCKS. It does a body & soul good.


But I don't know if it's more suited to buttons, stickers or what have you. If you had a T-shirt with that statement, would you wear it? Me... I'm not sure, hehe. Even if I agree with the message wholeheartedly, parang mahihiya yata akong isuot yung shirt :-D Not sure exactly why...

Find that man and ask him where he bought the blue shirt!!! Or ask him if he's selling!

Btw, the Pro-Life tshirts I have, have this written at the back:

"I'm glad you were born."

Who wouldn't be gladdened by something like that? :-)

petrufied said...

The "I'm glad you were born" is really nice. I do also like "Chastity ROCKS" but like you I think I'll have second thoughts wearing it. It kinda feels like you're parading something very intimate kasi, besides promoting the conviction itself. Maybe that's why it seems better as a button or a sign at a march... :)

i hope i see more pro-life shirts at church or elsewhere ;)