Saturday, February 27, 2010

Papet ASEAN 2010 in pictures

The festival is over! It was an eye-opening experience, not only because I met people from different ASEAN countries (and got to see awesome shows!), but also because somehow, there are times when you feel like a foreigner in your own country. Take, for instance, coping with little changes in the plans! One has to learn to be flexible when the instructions given and the demands of the moment disagree. One has to be ready to do things, and not just wait for them to be done. And one has to learn to be calm in case the printer does not cooperate. hehe!

Can't write much now because I only have two weeks for all my Baby Mag assignments! So here are a few pictures I took with my low-batt camera. Enjoy!

At the festival opening; waiting for the show to start!

ItalicVishnu shadow puppet for Teatrong Mulat's Sita and Rama.

Checking the OHP's distance for Ravana's song.

The delegates have their meeting at the Claro M. Recto Hall in Faculty Center.

Wayang sandosa from Indonesia!

Eating out with some delegates at Max's Restaurant after a long day!

The delegates take a tour of Amelia Lapena Bonifacio Teatro Papet Museo.

Jamming--the ASEAN way!


Anonymous said...
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Joy Reynaldo said...

Great photos! It must have been an enlightening conference :)

petrufied said...

Thanks Joy! ;) Yup and fun too! tiring! XD

It's amazing how old art forms endure even with new technology and influences... and also how new styles emerge by a country's merely being in the "midst" of a crossroads. :D Sometimes it takes meeting many others to appreciate one's own culture all the more. :)