Thursday, March 11, 2010

The March 2010 issue

Such a happy baby on the cover, no? That little girl in the blue dress is Star Baby Alyssa Claire Belmes, photographed by Ralph Alejandrino.

March is about preparing for your first baby! The March issue is always our pregnancy issue because in March fall two important days: International Women's Day (March 8), which is probably why this month is also International Women's Month, and the Day of the Unborn (March 25). Women + unborn babies = pregnancy, if you can follow that logic! hehe!

I always learn a lot of things, working on a new issue. Not just because I need to be able to write informative articles on pregnancy, childcare and parenting, not being a parent myself, but also because I meet interesting people! This issue, we worked with Richelle Balbieran, a pretty mom on the family way (she gave birth already, congrats!), who taught me a few things on priorities when it comes to fashion (without meaning to, actually!).

During the shoot, Richelle shared that she was the type to melt easily in the heat, and during pregnancy, feeling hot was one of her most common discomforts. But while the heat was something to contend with, Richelle's own clothing choices proved that clothes that flattered mattered more--no spaghetti straps for the hot mom! Instead, a bright-colored peasant-style blouse was what she donned after the fashion-filled afternoon; it was festive enough for the party she and hubby Ron were attending later that day, and cool enough to beat the early heat wave of the year. Truly, when you know what matters more (presenting yourself well), you won't make "quick melting" an excuse to wear something less than suitable for any occasion.

Here are some pictures I took of the fashion shoot. The one right above is a picture of Richelle with EIC Diana, who was here giving some sample lines to help our mommy model get into the role of "Mom conquering the unexpected." To find out what that means, how about getting your own copy of our pregnancy issue? There are so many good reads in it to help a mom (and dad) face the daily challenges of family-rearing.


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