Monday, February 15, 2010

Love love me do!

That little cutie on the cover is Ayesha Nunez, photographed by Krissy Rodriguez of Little People Lifestyle Photography. What do you think of our "lifestyle cover"? Tee-hee!

What I remember most about putting this issue together is spending an afternoon racking our brains (I mean me and EIC Diana) for suitable love songs that could make good titles for our articles. An article about Gestational Diabetes ended up being called "One sweet day" and one about teaching kids to master following rules became "Baby one more time." It was one of the lesser-stress days--that we still have them occasionally is something I am always thankful for. We were thinking maybe we could put in a contest asking readers to sing us a love song that we used as title and win some fun prizes. But maybe next time! ;)

The theme for this month is "Surround your family with love," and it takes more than listening to love songs all day to do that! From learning how to lessen petty fights (by keeping one's mouth shut when one has to!) to being there during the wife's pregnancy and long, long after, there are a lot of good reads for the mom or dad who just wants to know more things about pregnancy, child care and raising a family.

In this "modern" day and age, kids really need to grow up in a REAL LOVE-filled home--to be frank, what is being promoted as "natural" (i.e. by the highly sexualized media) can be very misleading! It's time to help people realize that Love is deeper than sex. And strong families are perhaps the best weapon against the things that degrade society little by little. If kids are raised knowing what Real Love is, pretty soon everyone will see how absurd we've let our media culture become. And maybe something can be done about those big ugly things in EDSA.

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sunnyday said...

Hi! Let's have one such afternoon again soon! That was fun, except for the headache I developed from all the laughing we did.

Have you been to Krissy's site lately? She has posted the covers she has done for Baby so far. And some other "commercial" work. Nice :-)

opusdeitoday said...

For info: I featured that Feb issue, in a site, here: :-)

petrufied said...

hihihi thanks!! i checked it out ;) nice! <3