Monday, February 22, 2010

Dressing for a date?

When you watch commercials selling luxury residences, you see women dressed in gowns and men in black ties. And it's pretty normal to see that--on the screen. But come out and walk the streets, and you'll notice that couples dress differently in real life. For one, it's kinda funny to see people in formal attire on a sunny weekend. But this post is not about formal and casual wear for men and women.

Walking in the mall on my way home, I can't help noticing couples and how they dress. As far as I know, when a girl dresses up to meet her boyfriend, she really puts some thought into what she wears. That said, why is it that when I see young women going out with young men, it seems that the preferred attire is something short, or something low, or something back-bearing... it makes me wonder, doesn't a young woman want her boyfriend to look at her face?

Dressing up for a date is something worth putting much thought to because dressing is a form of communication. When it comes to a date, it communicates 1) how a lady sees herself and 2) how much she respects her young man. The first is obvious: clothing reflects the wearer, and shows how seriously she wants to be taken (ever wonder why people put much thought when they get ready for a job interview?). How a woman mixes and matches and layers and accessorizes is self-expression!

The second is not so obvious, but think of it this way: when you know you're meeting someone you think highly of, you don't dress in a sando and a pair of Islander sandals. You wear something good, something that suits you and makes you look like someone worth listening to. The same principle applies when a lady goes out with her boyfriend. She doesn't have to dress to the nines, but she has to look fresh and comfortable, with not a thread out of place--she needs to look like someone whose stories, insights, ideas and opinions are worth hearing... after all, good conversation is primarily what a date is about!

Now, if that's still hard to understand, maybe I should pick something closer to home: When a young woman dresses up for a date, she must keep her Dad in mind. What will Dad say? It's amusing how a father could be a fashion consultant, but in my experience, it works. My dad has often commented on my choice of clothes--and when he says a shirt is too tight, then it must be! (Lately, he just kids me for not wearing red on Valentine's or for being "color blind.")

Why does Dad's opinion matter, you ask? Because he's someone who loves you without being smitten with you (that's for Mom, of course), and because, somehow, he knows what your young man will think when he sees you in whatever you're wearing.

Naturally, he'll only approve something that will make you shine.

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