Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of bunny slippers and confined spaces

[Very mild rant ahead.]

Living in a condo has its advantages: the commercial places are so close you can smell them (it spells convenience more than pollution actually). Commercial outlets are so close to home that at night, people come down to buy from 7-11 in their house clothes.

Okay, it might be very troublesome to change into outdoor clothes for a few minutes of a late-night errand, but 7-11 still isn't home no matter how close it is. This brings me to a conversation I had with a friend who explained to me why most people who live in the slums walk around in their house clothes. It's not really because they have nothing else to wear. It's more that the living space they have is so small and cramped the difference between public and private space has become blurred.

Well, now doesn't that explain why people who live in condo units go buy their instant noodles in their bunny slippers?


WillyJ said...

Cute slippers by the way. I wonder what getup goes along with it. specially if the one wearing is a guy :-)

sunnyday said...

Hahaha funny, WillyJ! Come to think of it, neither my dad nor my brothers wore bedroom slippers of the furry kind or with any ears.

Good points, petrufied :-)

petrufied said...

hi there WillyJ and sunnyday!! bunny-slippered men in convenience stores, Funny! :D bunny slippers go well with haute couture moda di casa. ;)