Thursday, January 29, 2009

341 women, 682 lives

Excerpt from "House seen to pass RH bill by June" by CARMELA FONBUENA, abs-cbn

"All research studies say that 11 girls die every day because of complications in pregnancy. That's 341 women that may have died because of complications since September. Anti-reproductive health bill legislators allow this to happen. This is simply unacceptable. Women have the right to live as much as everyone has the right to live," Angsioco added.


Okay, let's take the 341 women as a fact, for this purpose. They died because of pregnancy complications. Does that mean we need a law to make contraceptives available? No, it means we need better obstetrical care. And please don't point out that the bill provides for this. I read it and it's the weakest part in terms of enforcement. Which makes it so much more ironic.

Oh and not only women, the unborn babes, too, have every right to live. You don't address this right when you're promoting a culture that is bent on canceling them out from the start, i.e. in the womb (the unborn are people, not a piece of growing tissue). If you keep life from happening, then don't be surprised if there's no life to defend in the future.

Human rights begin in the womb! :-)


WillyJ said...

Ah, the freedom to kill the unborn.

petrufied said...

i read in

"Choice"= The right to terminate (kill) your unborn child, but does not include the right to decide where your child will attend school if he or she survives "choice". Choice to carry a firearm for self-defense? No! Choice to privatize your Social Security? No!