Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brown Bag Auction

If you're not too busy this Saturday, why not drop by? You might take home something nice! A Brown Bag Auction lets you bid for a gift hidden inside a, well, brown bag (so that you don't know exactly what it is). Fun?


---Sharing a note from Ditas of Mentor Philippines...

We'd like to invite you to this fund raising event which we call brown bag auction. We asked some people to give up a gift last Christmas and we've repackaged them in brown bags. Then we'll auction off the items to the highest bidder. The bidder won't know what s/he is bidding for until s/he opens the brown bag. The auctioneeer will provide a general description of the item. Items will be categorized under the labels "wearables and washables", "bath and beauty", "home decor", etc. starting bid for each item is 20 percent off the actual market price.
Proceeds of the auction will go to destitute patients of the PGH pediatric ward.
This is the second year we're doing this -- both the auction and the visit.
We "adopt" an entire pedia ward and buy the patients medicines, vitamins, diapers, toiletries, art materials, children's story books, fruits, etc. from the proceeds of the brown bag auction.
The last time we did it, the kids and their parents were very happy because after Christmas, wala na halos bumibisita sa kanila. Kaya yung outreach project is called PASKO PA RIN sa PGH.
It's also an alternative learning experience for the university students enlisted in a mentoring program my friends and I started in 2005. "Taking care" of a sick child, albeit only for 2 hours, is a very enriching experience for both the students and their mentors (volunteer mentors are young professionals working in various fields).
Hope you can come. You may also join us in the actual PASKO PA RIN event which will be on Feb 8, a week before araw ng mga puso =)
Invite friends, too.

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