Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy with puppets!

Yep, you read it right: from now until April I'll be hanging out with puppets every Sunday because Teatrong Mulat ng Pilipinas has 2 big upcoming shows early this year! What an exciting way to start the year. :-D

That's Rama and Sita in the picture. The play Sita and Rama: Papet Ramayana will show in CCP's Huseng Batute (black box) theater, for CCP's 40th year. Tickets cost 300 for adults and 150 for students. Here's the schedule:

February 20, FRI, 10am and 3pm
February 21, SAT, 3pm and 7pm

(Tickets will be with Mulat so you can email Or ask me, hehe!)

The other show is of course the annual Papet Pasyon, which is usually scheduled on Palm Sunday is for free. For now, it's Sita and Rama we're busy with, so I'll just put up another heads up for the Holy Week show in March....


John-D Borra said...

Cool! Wanna get your friends to promote it on my show? ;-)

petrufied said...

Hey john-D, yes that would be nice! :D I sent you their contact last December. Ma'am Ami knows ;)