Friday, July 16, 2010

Why there are lots of jobs in Singapore

My Ate said she wanted to try out finding a job in Singapore, because she has some friends there already. Why go to Singapore? Is it because there are better offers? And why are there better offers?

Oh look at this article I found from Inquirer:

In the 1960s, Singapore started a “Stop at Two” program. It was so successful that the population of Singapore dropped to dangerous levels.

The working class (labor force) had a difficult time supporting the elderly. The Singaporean government saw this and changed their population policy to “Three or more.” We have to learn from the mistakes of our Asian neighbor.

But the "Three or more" policy doesn't seem to work on a generation raised to think birth control is secret to happy (satisfying? materialistic?) life etc etc. The other solution? Get people from other countries to come over and work there, despite increasing number of citizens complaining about the tighter competition for jobs. (Got this link from WillyJ's blog.)

And what if the countries where these foreign workers are coming from start adapting their own "Stop at Two" program because their legislators think overpopulation is the cause of poverty? (Guess what? It's not.) Give or take, in 30 years there won't be enough people--citizen or no--to compete for jobs at all.

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