Monday, July 5, 2010

It takes a flower

Okay, the inauguration is over and done with and I haven't posted anything. I want to share this photo from EDSA 1 because it's a nice reminder to our newly inaugurated president "P-Noy" that the legacy of peace and no-corruption that his mom represented must live on.

President Aquino didn't get my vote on May 10, but I wish him the best and I'll do what I can as citizen to help make this country better.

That said, congrats P-Noy and this is the end of my quick post!


sunnyday said...

Wow, buti ka pa may nasabi...

Well, I will simply echo your ideas. Those are basically what have been on my mind since the proclamation.

I AM glad that the President has emphasized the oft-ignored need for discipline in the ordinary everyday things such as obeying traffic rules & regulations -- AND he is leading by example. :-)

petrufied said...

Apir! :D

Yeah it shows how important you regard the most ordinary rules when you don't think you're above them, even if you're president.

hope this translates to respecting bigger laws, like laws on life.

sunnyday said...

Yes, that's the direction we should head toward. Rather, that's the foundation on which other laws ought to be based on.

But wait! I just read that the President is also re-evaluating that which further fuels Pinoys' holiday-happy existence. The long weekends courtesy of movable holidays! Yipee!! I almost cannot believe it!

If special days are commemorated on the days that those special days are supposed to be special, then we may just get somewhere as a nation. Finally, I will remember again why certain dates mean a lot in our country's history.