Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On radio talk (aka brainless chatter)

Last night I was riding the FX going to the MRT and the radio was tuned to DZMM 630. The reporters were discussing the water shortage due to no rain falling in Angat Dam. And the woman reporter blamed it on the overpopulation. And went on a rampage about how overpopulation is causing climate change etc.

First of all, what is a reporter, who is supposed to unbiasedly read the news, doing inserting her misinformed opinions in a news item about lack of rain? Is it the perpetual fear of radio announcers not to leave dead air doing the talking? Or is it because World Population Day just came and went without fanfare, that reporters are somehow forced to connect at least one piece of news to it? Is that lack of fanfare due to nobody going hysterical about overpop and global warming in this country? And why do they want us to go hysterical over nothing?

I have a theory about AM radio announcers. It seems that being on air everyday has permanently switched on their brain's auto-talk. They say practically anything just to keep talking. I understand the need to fill dead air, but it becomes ridiculous when the fillers are 30 seconds of Diyoskopongmahabagin!pambihirabanaman!mantakinmo! empty banter that dead air would have been better for listener's ears (and hearts).

...and 30 seconds of misinformation? Can you say: waste of time?


WillyJ said...

Abay akalain mo nga naman...

Overpopulation - the cause of:

- water crisis;
- poverty;
- corruption;
- budget deficit;
- heat wave; cold wave; typhoons; climate change; (wow!)
- almost anything you can think of;
- however...
- known cause of brain impairment: UNKNOWN!?!

petrufied said...


sunnyday said...

Don't forget that overpopulation is also the cause of:

* traffic jams
* crime
* increasing number of mosquitoes, thereby the rise in dengue cases
* garbage problem
* the Wowowee tragedy at ULTRA
* noise pollution
* air pollution

Etc! Etc!