Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time for some resolutions that stick!

I'm not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions because they're like fireworks. They make a big loud show, then sputter, die, and leave you with ashes, which is bad for the environment. How many times have New Year's Resolutions been broken and then not taken up again until the year turned? Honestly, January 1 comes around too few times to be able to actually help anyone be a better person. So why do people bother with resolutions?

What is easily forgotten is that the word resolutions is not inseparable from the two words that usually precede it. Remove "New Year's" and you still get its full meaning--it still poses the same big challenge, that is, to make better people out of us.

If anything, resolutions should be quiet (just keep it to yourself or share it with someone whom you think can really help you make it and keep it), not so grand (maybe one or two solid things...three or more would be too ambitious for a person to achieve--besides, you can always add to it later when you think you've mastered some), and constant (you don't stop being on your guard...ever).

Work started yesterday and I'm under a heap of things to do. So this is just a quick post, but I hope it is helpful and makes sense. The end.

Happy New Year!

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