Thursday, January 21, 2010

March for Life - JAN 22

Statement of Solidarity with the January 22 March for Life

We, concerned Filipinos from all walks of life, who uphold, respect and protect the dignity and quality of human life from natural conception (fertilization) to natural death, and the natural institutions of marriage and the family, hereby express our solidarity with the people participating in the January 22, 2010 March for Life in Washington, D.C., USA.


* The March for Life is an annual peaceful protest held on January 22 to mark the 1973 Roe v. Wade US Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion. The first March for Life in 1974 had about 20,000 participating; in recent years, the event has drawn together an average of 200,000. It is held in Washington D.C., but in the last several years people from different parts of the US have been holding their own satellite activities to bring awareness to the repercussions of the infamous 1973 decision, and to reiterate the dignity of human life in all stages, from womb to tomb.


Some students from the University of Asia and the Pacific had a tarp made of the Statement of Solidarity and displayed it for people to sign. In this picture, UAP faculty Abby De Leon signs up in support of the Pro-Life cause! (Photo courtesy of Mike Gomez.)

If you want to sign up too, just leave a comment here and I'll edit the entry to add your name. You can also post the statement in your FB, blog, Multiply, etc., and add your name to the list. :D


WillyJ said...

Sama ko dyan. Onward march!

petrufied said...

Awesome! I added you na ;)

sunnyday said...


Walk for Life West Coast is tomorrow na (Jan 23) in San Francisco. I think it's the 6th year they're doing it.

Then February is Pro-Life Month in the Philippines!

sunnyday said...

P.S. Just in case you'd like to see more photos of previous Marches, simply go to my blog's Jan. 22, 2009 entry. Then I think some are also on another entry a few days after that. I like looking at them from time to time :-)

petrufied said...

i remember seeing that entry ;) there will be more pictures all over the net after tomorrow!

bagay talaga sa February ang Pro-Life. Love Life!