Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rise and shine!

Every day is a struggle of keeping to one's resolutions. Be more patient, check. Be more cheerful, check. Be more generous, less lazy, more goes the ordinary resolution list. The items on the list may seem insignificant, but who said the little things never helped a person much? In fact, it's the seemingly inconsequential challenges that slowly chip away at all those bad habits that people tend to keep coming back to.

Why am I talking about resolutions? It isn't 2010 yet! What most people forget about resolutions is that they can be made any time of the year, not just on New Year. (Anyone who has made many New Year's resolutions is probably aware of how they crack by March and dissolve by June--and that's being optimistic already.) Not choosing a special day for making resolutions (one definite resolution at a time is good) helps one continuously check whether or not the resolution is being kept; it gives a kind of outlook--one that takes every day as a battle, and every night as going through the spoils of war, thus strengthening the next day's battle plan.

What I notice about resolutions is they have to be examined and reexamined--in war, how does a warrior win by battle plan alone? The battle itself changes in many ways while it's happening; one has to keep up with these changes in order to end up winning the war.

For this post, I'd like to talk about the first battle of everyday: waking up on time. Think about this: how can you keep up the energy to pull through your resolutions if at the start of the day, FAIL is already stamped onto your forehead? That first skirmish of the day is crucial because it determines how well you will fight that day!

Victory at the first battle makes the following battles easier to face because of the undeniable boost in confidence ("Kaya ko pala ito!") it brings. And to taste this victory, you need a great awareness of what is important now. What's interesting about "the waking up battle" is that, pushing the "now" for "later" actually pushes everything you had planned the night before a step back. It's a whole day's schedule delayed and compromised, only because you didn't get up at the count of three.

So, on top of the day's resolution, try this:
I will wake up on time...and with a smile.


sunnyday said...

Hi! Remembered this when I got up this morning :-)

While there are bound to be days when getting up on time will be more difficult and probably met with "arrggh i wanna laze around all morning!", if there's a will there's a way. This is what springs me out of bed pronto, and with much joy, often: the things that matters most is that God loves us (me) and that we (I) love him back! :-))))

Pagbangon lang sa umaga on time hindi ko pa magawa, ang simple simple?! Hehe. And I'm up! What a small thing to do compared to what we have been given huh? Good thing nothing is small in God's eyes when done with love.

Hey, see you later!

petrufied said...

yup, nothing is too small ;) i find getting up on time in weekends really difficult...of course, it IS a weekend, get a grip, right? but there are still lots to do on weekends, like CLEANING. hahaha :D

hope you have a fruitful week! i woke up on time today yehey!

sunnyday said...

Congratulations! :-)

Na-wrong grammar pa pala ako dito heehee. Good thing it's not one of the issues we're putting together.

Why don't you set your alarm later on weekends. Say, 5 mins later? LOL! Nah, like half an hour later or something. It's really up to you and it depends on what's on your calendar each day.