Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello, what's this?

Guess what I found in my Watsons plastic bag yesterday? I didn't know they gave such leaflets to people looking for toothpaste and floss now. This just goes to show how much money some people are sinking in to get women to depend on oral contraceptives.

Quote from leaflet: "Oral Contraceptive Pills is the most popular contraceptive method because it is effective and convenient. It is an essential tool to women's reproductive health because it contains hormones to prevent unplanned pregnancy by preventing ovulation, thinning the uterus lining, and thickening the cervical mucus."

[Grammar error concerning S-V agreement is leaflet's.]

Oh the claims! "Essential tool to women's reproductive health"? It prevents ovulation! Why is that healthy? Isn't getting one's period every month healthy? Isn't ovulating healthy? And what's so reproductive about preventing ovulation?

And the last part just states exactly how the bitter pill is an abortifacient. A thinner uterine lining means a hostile environment for a fertilized egg--the new life (which starts at conception, not implantation) will not be able to implant, and so it is aborted.

Here are some links to:
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Explore the site too. Actually LifeSiteNews isn't the only source. If you want to read something scary, read the literature printed at the back of every contraceptive drug ad in those foreign women's magazines. Leaflets make things look easy and simple, because that's what leaflets are for!


Mike said...

Truly appalling. Thank you for exposing this in a very clear manner.

WillyJ said...

Myth vs. Facts, eh? As Bishop Tobin would say: Bull Feathers!!!

Anonymous said...

See how the pro-RH/Abortion propaganda plays with words!

They talk about thinning the lining of the uterus, but conveniently neglect to say that this can prevent the fertilized egg from implanting -- leading to an early-term abortion.

I'm glad you pointed out that this is really a cleverly hidden admission that the Pill is an abortifacient contraceptive. More people should be informed about this.

John-D Borra said...

This is really appalling. Watson's, and the geniuses behind this campaign, should really be taken to task for this.

Myths vs. Facts? More like The Many Myth-Takes of Adopting a Contraceptive Lifestyle.

sunnyday said...

I told you about the recent radio ad campaign of Watson's, right? The "How do I love myself? Let me count the ways..." one. I find the obvious I-me-mine..and-oh-all-about-me focus quite saddening 'cause it is very... self-absorbed. If you chance upon the ad, you'll hear nothing but me, me and and how to pamper and take care of (surprise!) me, tackled in a humorous way.

Thing is, with this self-care comes something like what you just posted. "Myths vs. Facts" on OCs, which will possibly be further marketed as a means to take care of yourself more. But then women end up harming their health instead. Health and wellness daw sa Watson's. *sigh*

I'm writing Watson's. I'm sure some if not all the people there are unaware of the truth about these contraceptive drugs. They wouldn't want to harm their customers in any way, I'm sure.

Thank you very much for posting this!

petrufied said...

I think it's scary how many people this leaflet will reach, especially if Watsons gives it for free with EVERY purchase.

there's also a mention in it about the pill being used to "treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, symptoms of which are unwanted facial hair, acne and obesity." While i know for a fact that pills are first choice to treat PCOS, they're not the only available treatment out there. And it's not like women with PCOS worry about facial hair, acne and obesity (which are the least of worries, really)--what they want is to have normal ovaries and menstruate regularly every month; they want to be fertile and able to have babies in the future too!

The irony here is people pushing artificial contraceptive use keep pressing for informed choice, but the materials they give re the stuff they want you to use have incomplete information. D:

yes, let's write to Watsons!

WillyJ said...

Better yet, the matter should be brought to the attention of BFAD.

"Under (the new) Republic Act. No. 9711, FDA will have the powers that BFAD currently does not have. It can order the ban, recall and withdrawal of health products that cause or has the potential to cause death, serious illness or injury to people. It can also do the same to products that make deceptive claims."

Joy Reynaldo said...

After SM builds that beautiful church in Megamall, one of its companies does this... I think we should point out the obvious inconsistency.

petrufied said...

hi joy! thanks for dropping by :D yup! more people can write to SM and Watsons in protest of the leaflets. It really is ironic and inconsistent. i hope they see that na.