Sunday, November 29, 2009

Checklist: little acts...

Quick post. Here are 9 little things to do to be more charitable.

  1. Listen...and carefully. Look the person in the eye and don't keep looking at your watch or mobile phone. There's so much to learn; pay attention!
  2. Be affectionate. This depends on how close you are to a person. Of course, don't be too touchy with everybody--that would be creepy, hehe!
  3. Laugh. When something is really funny. But not at somebody else's expense.
  4. Write sincere messages and notes to friends. A well-written note will never be forgotten!
  5. Give sincere compliments. Sincere is the key word.
  6. Go out of your way to do something kind...every day. Do favors, and people will find it easier to go out of their way for you too; more importantly, happiness comes from helping others, not helping yourself.
  7. Get your "alone time." And give others theirs.
  8. Keep a cheerful disposition. When you're exhausted, get that hair out of your face and make an effort to look fresh and happy. It's not lying to yourself--it's just that not everyone needs to know of your woes. Maybe just your closest friends--even then, you can tell them without looking all torn and broken!
  9. Inspire. Don't think about this too much. Simply do what is just, admire awesome people, stay grounded, stick to the truth, and keep working hard. Hopefully by example, you'll get others to do the same (so you better be worth emulating!).
Happy start of Advent!

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