Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Raise the roof

Lots of busy bees at Megatent (30 Meralco Ave.) this week! I'm hoping to drop by soon. Meantime, making use of time to blog, bring water up 29 floors (which is making me macho haha), pack clothes to give away, and of course, work for Baby Mag. Found this in my friend John-D's Facebook post. Might get you even more revved up to lend a hand!

As of yesterday, Megatent Relief has sent out 45,000 bags of relief goods to distressed areas in Pasig, Rizal, Pateros, and Marikina.

Last night, 800 hundred people volunteered to bring sunshine into our dreary lives and help those in need. These brave men and women are AWESOME!

On Thursday, Oct 1, join them for the RAISE THE ROOF benefit concert (from 1 pm to 9 pm) to raise more funds and donations!

You may send your donations to Megatent, 30 Meralco Avenue, beside Renaissance Towers and in front of Alexandria. It's a relief hub for those in need. We have trucks and ample space to sort any donations. Please join us! My mobile is +639176306154. God bless!


sunnyday said...


You know, with all that's been going on since Saturday, it's easy to lose track of taking care of our spiritual health. Let's all work to be spiritually healthy pa din (even more so these days) so we maintain the strength needed to really serve those more in need.

I hope the volunteers who are at the relief centers everyday are also taking care of themselves. They are doing so much! :-)

I asked John-D where the repacking will be done tomorrow if there's a concert; he said they're working out the logistics. So basta punta tayo kasi sigurado help is needed in many ways. See ya!

petrufied said...

thanks for the reminder sunnyday! :D it's good to offer up all the sacrifices for those who were hit hardest by the floods and for the relief efforts. i learned yesterday how literally like a cross it is to lift water all the way home. hahaha what an experience. XD

sunnyday said...

I can only imagine. Parang papuntang Calvary ba? :-) Mabuti na lang talaga, there is such a thing as redemptive suffering. And that everything can have eternal value with the proper outlook. Otherwise, wala talagang sense ang mga bagay, lalo na ang paghihirap.

I saw on the news a few minutes ago that a husband and wife in Pampanga lost all their 3 children because the 3 were buried in the landslide. The mother was visibly in anguish; her hubby was quiet but also obviously sorrowful. Hay. Maybe you can also keep them on your list of people to remember when you're trudging up the stairs these days with your "golden cross." It is very unnatural for parents to lose their children, no matter what the circumstances. Normally kasi parents are taken Home ahead and so parang ibang klase when they experience the death of their children.

What a sad comment I'm leaving here :-(

Okay, some good news -- a child donated some of her money (from her allowance, I assume) to sponsor a few bars of soap!