Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who says it's safe?

I read this book before I got my hands around more information on why abortion is wrong, so it had been difficult to defend why, this being set in the '60s, abortion should not have been legalized in the US at all.

The Cider House Rules by John Irving chronicles the story of Homer Wells, who has been taught by Dr. Larch, the orphanage head/abortionist, how to kill babies. Homer eventually comes to the conclusion that abortion is killing, having come face to face with a just-aborted fetus in one of his "classes."

Dr. Larch is pro-abortion because in his youth a patient of his died because she tried to abort her baby on her own. His conviction of making abortions "safer" led him to his secret profession, which he--by cunning and meticulous plotting--eventually passes on to Homer Wells. And Homer, though wanting to not have anything to do with abortion, takes the job, hoping that eventually it would become legal so he wouldn't have to kill another baby again.

Reading this got me thinking about that argument regarding making something wrong legal just so it would be safer--an argument which had led to the legalization, in some parts of Europe, of the first profession. Should abortion be legal too so that it would be safer?

After a lot of exposure to pro-life material, I finally figured out that this argument is a useless point. Abortion is never safe--who says killing is safe? Many women have died by getting abortions in legal clinics. Brian Kemper of Stand True puts it simply:

The very premise of the argument discounts the reason we are against abortion, it kills a human person. How can abortion ever be thought of as safe? The very act of abortion destroys the life of an innocent child, where is the safety in that?

If you follow this logic you can carry it to ludicrous lengths. You can argue that burglary is illegal and yet it happens anyway so why don't we make it legal so criminals can have a safer time committing this crime. You can argue that rape is illegal yet it happens anyway, so we should open up clinics where someone can commit that crime safely.

These are obviously insane arguments that don't make sense. The same is true for saying that killing children through abortion will happen no matter what so we need to keep clinics open for people to commit that crime.

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