Thursday, July 24, 2008

I will remember your names I won't have to vote for you later on.

Pushers of the Reproductive Health Bill are really getting noisy, and nowadays there's a daily story on the front page about the great debate. Needless to say, most of the stuff I've read are tainted with the bias that the Catholic stand on this mess is old-fashioned BS, like this one:

"Many predominantly Catholic countries around the world allow access to modern contraceptives, emergency contraception and even safe and legal abortion. The state of Philippine law on reproductive rights is blind adherence to our Spanish colonial past," [Rita Padilla of EnGendeRights] said. (from PDI)

So what? Do we copy these "many predominantly Catholic countries" just because it's the "in" thing? And is there such a thing as "safe abortion"? Oh, sweet sorrow, what an oxymoron!

The authors of this bill--I know who you are because I've been reading!--are so sure that what they're promoting is perfectly fine because it does not legalize abortion. Here's news for you: abortion is just one part of the Life we're all fighting for. Sure, the bill doesn't legalize abortion, but it is permissive of all other forms of death: contraceptives and abortifacients...and the culture they bring with them.

When you use contraceptives you throw responsibility out the window--think of what that implies. Where does family fit in all this? Parenthood? Marriage?

And who says we're overpopulated? Last I checked, there is actually a birth dearth. If it's poverty you're trying to solve, look at the countries that have adopted these "solutions." Poverty is not solved by cutting down on people.

Which is why, despite the bad rap she's getting, and the corruption and all, President Arroyo did the right thing when she rejected the Reproductive Health Bill. Crack those she-was-afraid-the-priests-would-snub-her jokes all you want--it doesn't change the fact that SHE'S RIGHT THIS TIME AROUND.

So, good luck, authors, in the next election. There are a lot more people who know what you're pushing, and are smarter than you think.

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