Monday, July 7, 2008

Nutrition and Children's book month

Hello, Aeleina Resse Ocenar is this month's cover baby!

Because it's Nutrition month, we at Baby Magazine put in a lot of good stuff about the food we eat. Carbo-protein-fatty-discombobulations from chem class have never been clearer, thanks to Dr. Gidget Ortiz! Along with the lesson on what exactly "junk" food is, there are items on reading food labels (time to practice your math skills, math-phobes), smart-eating for two, food allergies, and a look at two random refrigerators to show just what foodstuff (and nutrition) you make so easily available to your kids.

Might seem so...disconnected, but July as Nutrition month does tie up nicely with the month's other face: children's book month. Nutrition is nourishment of the body, while books are nourishment of the mind. For book month, Baby Magazine features books on dyslexia and an article on understanding the difficulty in reading and writing, as well as two very interesting story book authors: May Tobias-Papa, an illustrator who can also write (she won a Palanca for Estrellita), and Russell Molina, a writer who can also illustrate (he won an Alcala Prize for Uuwi ang Nanay kong si Darna).

If you've been reading my older entries, you'll see I'm the privileged one to interview May Papa. I'm happy to receive a letter from her today, and am just so pleased that she liked my article! Here's a little something she sent me, a drawing of Nora Aunor she made when she was 3 or 4 years old. To May, thank you too!

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