Monday, June 16, 2008

The stigma of wearing glasses

Was Ugly Betty only ugly because she had glasses and braces?

I got glasses back in 7th grade because my grades in school were going down, especially in Computer where I had to sit in the back and copy from a white board. I wasn't too happy about it because I thought I was already enough of a loser, and then came the specs to amplify the fact.

All throughout high school, I tried to find reasons to not wear the glasses, but as I got older, I needed them more. I even wore the glasses to my prom because I had to see who was on stage--not to mention the people across the table. And what humiliation it was when a friend cooed about how my date and I looked good together because we were both four-eyed. (Nerds go with nerds I suppose.)

My problem with glasses must have stemmed from watching TV (anime and dubbed soap operas) and reading magazines, which almost always associated glasses with "dorks" and "losers." Nothing could shake off my mindset that wearing glasses made me look ugly. Even when I drew myself, I would discard the specs.

But after a few years, I figured glasses shouldn't make anyone feel bad about how they look. You can be attractive even while wearing glasses. Lisa Loeb, for instance, back in 1994, wore the dorkiest pair but still looked cool. (Must be the talent.)

Back in 2003, when I still read Vogue, there was Behnaz Sarafpour to show that glasses-you-need-to-see and fashion do go together. She's a designer, not a model--which was perfectly fine with me, because back then I had wanted to make clothes too.
It takes some getting used to, but glasses can be glamorous. Especially when you forget that you're wearing them because you're too busy doing what you love.

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