Friday, June 27, 2008

More glasses/Dressing with confidence

Recently discovered this geeky-chic collection by Luella, because this little stylish bunneh seems to have just recently discovered it also. And coolness is infectious.

For once, huge retro glasses are so cute!

But shallow ravings aside, this has given me some more ideas on dressing, particularly dressing without showing anything that is not meant to be shown. After all, women should pay close attention to what they wear: it defines how men (or everyone around for that matter) will eventually treat them.

That said, I recall a conversation I had with my boss (and friend) Diana--I was thinking too much about dressing to look good/smart/serious for others (so that you attract the people you want to meet) that I forgot the most basic thing, which of course Diana pointed out to me. "You dress for yourself!"

Of course! Before anyone else, one should dress to please oneself. That includes choosing the clothes that reflect your own self-respect. What you want to do is highlight your face--and not any other part of the body--because your face represents you (your whole person-hood) best.

I recall this now because it came up again in an Ex Libris Philippines book session, which happened to be an all-girls' night...just last night actually. We were talking about how, if you are not-so-pretty, you would have an easier time with love because you're sure the guy loves you for who you are, and not for any "prize" you might be able to offer them (provided, of course, that you do find a guy!).

But maybe pretty girls will have it easy too, if they know how to not-show-off....

We had a little discussion on dressing up too: when you get a boyfriend, would you have to keep dressing up for him?

Why, of course not. In the end, the only one to really please is yourself. You dress to look good, feel good, and be at ease about who you really are.

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