Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Raising your babies in a high-tech world

Cover baby: Boston Ryan Phillips

Because it seems that neither Mommy nor Daddy could be caught without a mobile phone anywhere nowadays, how does one raise the babies using technology as a tool instead of a handicap?

Baby Magazine’s June issue offers interesting reads on living in a technology-conscious world where TV, video games, the Internet and nifty gadgets are marketed as ‘must-haves’ when in fact just a few decades earlier, our own parents did quite well without any of them.

Take a look at the toys that have entertained kids through the yearstoy guns among them—which brings to mind the question, “Are toy guns really as harmless as they look?” Be a wise consumer regarding what enters your own home—meet a family that has decided to unplug the television—and has never been happier since.

And because June is the month of Father’s day, Baby features a step-by-step (and illustrated!) diaper-changing guide for the newbie daddies, as well as baby-care topics like identifying UTI in infants, how to dress your newborn, how to soothe a crying spell, and other practical tips for future experts at fatherhood.

Baby Magazine is published by Marathon Publishing and is available nationwide at National Bookstore, SM Department Store baby section, Baby & Co., Babyland, Power Books, Bufini, Havin’ a Baby, Procreation and selected mag:net plus outlets. For subscription and other inquiries, please call 728-3655/56.

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