Monday, May 21, 2012

Chic and Green!

Lately, I've been delving into all sorts of small enterprises (as well as all sorts of events and projects with my friends) to earn some extra money for next year's World Youth Day. I'm pretty excited for it, and while I'm still at 2 percent of my goal right now, I'm being optimistic that with hard work, teamwork, and not being afraid to do things I don't normally do, we will all make it to Rio.

One of those fundraising endeavors happens to be in tie-up with my mom's newspaper bag biz. She's really a darling to let us sell their bags for our fundraising! The bags are woven out of newspaper and are waterproof (they laminated them). Some bags are painted by my mom.

Right now, I have three of the CCLTJ bags with me for fundraising. I have only one piece of each design so, if you like something, better buy it before it goes! Please email me at nikkobautista at gmail dot com or text me at 0916-341-3366 for inquiries.

1. Z-pattern bag - PhP550.00

This bag is a bit like a bayong, except it has a shell-shape and a snap-on magnetic clasp. It has twine trimmings and black pleather handles. 

2. Red banig-weave bag - PhP 550.00

This bag closes with a red pleather string, and has red handles and trimmings to boot. Pretty roomy inside too--enough space for a lightweight bag organizer. ;-)

3. X-pattern banig-weave bag - PhP550.00

This bag has bronze pleather trimmings with buckles in the handles. It's more of a handbag than a shoulder bag, actually.

For those who are interested but can't meet up, you can still snap up these bags by taking care of the shipping fee. :D Thank you!

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