Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bag hag

My weekends lately have been filled with painting, painting and more painting! My mom and her friends put up a small business selling bags made from newspapers. Their name is CCLTJ Recycled Crafts (which means Cora, Cora, Ledy, Tessie, Julie). They are friends from way back in their school days. One day, two of them enrolled in a bag-making class. Then someone had a bright idea. They got the other friends on board and took a day to teach other women to weave. Now, our house is full of newspapers scattered everywhere. hehe!!

Here are some of their products:

Different weaving patterns, bag shapes, and painted designs! That brown one is my mom's "famous" Cat-Owl.

The black one on the left and the half colored one on the right are painted by my mom (one of the Coras), while the red one with the tiny hearts is painted by my artist ate, Tasha.

I made that chick one and the funny one with the "B" looking thing. That's a puncher, if you're wondering. The dog was painted by someone else. These are the cuter ones.

If you have any interesting ideas for a bag design, you can let me know! But be sure to ORDER something, too! :p I made one with a life-affirming slogan before but I don't have the picture with me right now. So, maybe in another post... Ciao!


Chel De Vera Mariano said...

How do I order? What's the price range? My sister from the US is visiting next month, I want to gift her with this bag.

petrufied said...

Hi chel!

Thanks for your interest! You can visit the store in 2nd floor mercury drug bldg in Katipunan QC. They have bags on display there.

Price ranges from P180-700+ depending on the size or if it's painted or beaded. I'll post their bazaar date when it's finalized! Thanks a lot!!!

petrufied said...

oops! forgot to add that the store is a stall inside cello's donuts. ;-) they continuously make bags so there's bound to be new stuff every so often. you can also simply visit and see the style you want and request a design.

You can ask Vangie, the stall keeper if you want to request a style or design, and she will let my mom and her friends know! ;-)

Chel De Vera Mariano said...

Thanks...will check out the bags on display at cello's soon :-)

badz said...

GOOD DAY...Thnk u for sharing us the talent of ur mom and tita's, it's really nice to look at. I hope that I can have the time to go there where the bags are being displayed. I want to give it to my special frends....really a good thing.