Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainy June day

It's June again! School again! Rain again! And what should little tots do to learn? Why, play of course! So for the month of June, Baby Magazine is focusing on play and toys that are really good for the kids. There's a special feature on Pinoy games, those simple but super-fun games we used to play in the school driveway or wherever. Kids today are not let out as much, some even don't want to go out because of the lure of computer and console games (especially now when some consoles promise you actually get to move around)--but if you encourage these old games to your little ones, who knows how much more fun they'll have?

There's also a feature on leptospirosis--that scary disease you get from wading in infected flood-waters! Not many people are aware that going out in the rain in inadequate gear can make one really sick...and not many people are aware that it isn't only flu that you can catch out there. So, buckle up those boots and give your kids some wellies and read about what else you can do to keep healthy during the rainy days.

I learned a lot from writing Catherine Lanzona's story--Catherine has five kids that she has been homeschooling for 4 years now. Her story is something to inspire parents who have been looking for a way to take their kids back from the prevalent and not necessarily wholesome culture of today.

Oh, and that very active cutie on the cover is little Jaden Chua Medina, who in the picture is comin' at photographer Kristin Alfafara Rodriguez of Little People Lifestyle Photography! Watch out, Kristin! Teehee! The photo was taken at Gymboree, Manila Polo Club. Baby magazine is published by Marathon Publishing Co. and is sold at all National Bookstores, Babyland (Robinsons Galleria, Shaw Blvd. near Cherry Foodarama, Shoppesville), Baby & Co. (The Podium and Power Plant Mall), Bufini, Procreation Shangri-la mall, Big & Small Co. Shangri-la Mall.

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