Monday, June 29, 2009

Are we mice or are we men

I had a conversation with one of my high school friends a few months back...or longer, I can't be sure. Ah, I think it was at the time when this big name in useless men's magazines had just announced that they were starting out on this side of the planet. (Let me just say that even before this publication began there were already others like it, and it's already pretty jaded and cynical of me to admit I wasn't surprised.)

The conversation was not about the magazine, really. It was about the prevalence of this kind of stuff. I was telling my friend that maybe we'll do better without these things--think about what it will liberate women of yadda yadda. She, perhaps thinking practically or economically (can't find right word), said it means business. Ok, point taken--this culture of disrespecting women does make money, but for now let's forget at whose expense.

What bothered me about her argument was not the fact she said it makes monies. It was what she said about guys, in general. She said that this type of "entertainment" is available and will never be extinguished because by nature men NEED it. So... are men not expected to have temperance? While so much is expected of women?? Ganun na lang? We'll keep polluting convenience stores, the TV and the Net with these things because men are like animals and must be satisfied at every turn?

I don't believe it.

If people go on thinking that men do not have brains enough to understand what is truly good, to appreciate what is truly beautiful, and to put their hearts in the right place, then shouldn't it follow that eventually no one would expect any virtue to come from men? And how unfair is that?

Guys, you tell me.


John-D Borra said...

Cheer up! We're men. (At least my friends and I are.) :D

petrufied said...

haha oo nga john-d!
the world needs more men :)

sunnyday said...

Ang baba naman yata ng tingin ng friend mo sa mga men! A lot of men naman have more respect for themselves than that. But they need our help sometimes so they don't forget it ;-)

Anonymous said...

The bottom line about that kind of entertainment is MONEY. The publishers need men to patronize this kind of garbage, so they fuel the "need" for it with advertising, self-serving arguments, and through other temptations. They know that certain forms of "entertainment" can be addicting.

In Cebu, you will find these magazines placed right beside teen's magazines! I wonder what it will do to our youth.

petrufied said...

@sunnyday: yes i believe that too ;) we think alike, like you say haha!

@mamador: aha, so that twisted reasoning comes from them. in that case, putting them beside teen magazines could be part of the grand scheme D: