Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Superheroes, faster than the speeding bullet--

--or at least the cellphone alarm.

I've been taking over the superhero duties (in this case, chores) more nowadays. One factor is our housekeeper went on an indefinite leave. The other factor is the dawning of my own pathetic-ness and inactivity as a supposedly full-fledged member of this household. And throughout this time I've been learning to twist my schedule in various yoga-asanas just to get things done. I must say, these lessons I've been picking up from the most mundane of daily duties are so rich that I can't help sharing them; do forgive me.

First off, I must point out that I'm a working girl and I'm not always at home. But my job allows me to have those "work from home days," part of which I'm spending helping my mom get the house in order. The rule I made was: As long as you know you can finish what you have to write that day, the chore should be done without second thought.

Because time is very important when juggling work and, er, work, I had to borrow a trick given by the never-failing Sunnyday: time yourself with the cellphone alarm! This trick is pretty effective because it keeps me on my toes. If the tendency is to procrastinate, the alarm is usually that whip that cracks to say "get a move on!" Stressful? Not really, because eventually you realize how valuable your time is--isn't there just so many things to do all the time?

Making time is part of the ordinary day, and really, there is no excuse when one duty is left undone--it only means one needs to become better at organizing...

Oops! Time's up! More on superhero duties soon.


sunnyday said...

Is manang back from vacation?

I'm glad to see that the cellphone alarm is busy at work for you ;-) Thank you for the special mention, hehe, but then using the alarm wasn't my invention, hehe. I know what you mean about it being like the crack of the whip! What a jolt it gives me sometimes...

You've seen my super apron, right? The one with pink and white stripes and the ruffly edging on the pinafore? You can borrow it anytime -- I think you'll get a kick out of using it :-)

petrufied said...

not yet haha! we only have the laundry woman come back 2x a week.

Oh? whose idea was the cellphone alarm? haha good ideas have a way of getting around.

ooh your apron i remember! it is so cute talaga. hehe but no need, thanks! my cat might eat it. XD

sunnyday said...

In that case, the pretty apron stays with me! hehe...

I'm sure a lot of other people use their cellphone alarms. Or an alarm clock for that matter. (I've seen some use their watch alarm) :-)