Monday, May 18, 2009

...and it was still hot

Does my entry title sound familiar? It should if you've been devouring picture books! It's the last line in Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are. I love this book because the way it is told is so simple and yet it seems to mean more than those simple words...not to mention the way the images help tell the story and create a mood to get the story running! (In fact, there's a whole spread that has no words in it at all, but because of that you know instantly what "wild rumpus" means.)

The book introduces the child reader to Max, a little boy dressed in a wolf suit who makes mischief (running after the dog with a fork, talking back to his mother) and is sent to bed before supper. "Wild thing" is actually what Max's mom calls him because of his behavior. Go read the book if you haven't yet--no synopsis will do it justice!

Why I'm writing now about a book that has been around since 1963 is that there'll be a movie out this year! October 16! Woot! That link goes to the official movie site, where you'll see the trailer and some pictures. The movie looks Jim Henson-y awesome.

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