Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swimsuit hunt

This is a photo I took of my friend Joy on our last beach trip last year at Munting Buhangin in Batangas. She's being contemplative there. Oh, and I like that suit, hehe!


Summer is swimming! No other way to enjoy the sunshine. But how do you dress for the beach or the pool? So many swimming gear to choose from!

I've been looking around for a new suit, which is a bit tough because all the retail stores have either bikinis or backless one-pieces. I want a suit that I can forget about, something that doesn't need constant re-checking (if it's still in place). Plus it has to be pretty! (Another thing I'm on the lookout for is a beach cover-up. I have a few already but they get sandy quickly and there has to be a replacement. Beach trips are also for walking on the shore, so there's got to be a nice piece to cover up with.)

---WARNING: Notes on modesty ahead---

I don't mean to be a prude, but dressing for the beach is a matter of considering what you're making others put up with. If you can't look at dressing as taking care of yourself, at least think of it as taking care of other people.

Besides, isn't the beach supposed to be fun? It's really more awesome when others are looking at your means they think you're somebody they can talk to and not some body they can gawk at.


sunnyday said...

This made me laugh:

"...dressing for the beach is a matter of considering what you're making others put up with."

LOL!! Thing is, it's true. And ditto to the swimsuit that lets you forget about it as there's no need to constantly check it.

Have you tried looking around Landmark in Trinoma? I was there last week and saw the kiddie swimsuits -- plenty of 1-piece cuties! "Dito lang pala maraming maganda at 1-piece, dumayo pa ako ng Divisoria para maghanap..." I muttered, remembering the search for a suit for Samantha, then finding an okay one in Megamall. Anyway, sorry I didn't really check if there were plenty of choices for adults, but it may be worth the trip to do so. Good luck!

petrufied said...

haha glad to have made you LOL XD

I've been passing Landmark and Glorietta a lot but I haven't stopped to really inspect. And I see lots of colors and cover-ups. In Glorietta, I went in ForMe, that store with Judy Ann Santos on the walls and I think they have decent stuff, tankinis and sturdy one-pieces. That's where my Ate got her suit. Sana there were more designs.