Monday, April 27, 2009

Kids on the train

I had the pleasure of sharing the train carriage today with two rambunctious little boys (to be fair, my back was turned and I couldn't tell if they were boys or girls, but they kept talking about "labanan" that I figured it was safe to assume their being boys). They were an amusing pair because they looked at everything they could look at, and gave a completely honest commentary on what they saw.

Along EDSA, as anybody who drives along that busy highway every day can attest, flash a motley collection of billboards. So it wasn't surprising to hear an announcement like, "Marie France, nye!" (making me rack my brain to remember what billboard that was on the other side of EDSA). I do hope advertisers would think twice before deciding to put such body-focused ads where kids could see them plainly. Clearly, the most insightful of us don't buy it--why should the rest of us?

The funniest was a comment they made when the train was about to stop in Ortigas station. We were slowing down to align with the platform when one of the boys said, "Huwag ka dyan, pagpasok nila, patay ka!" (Don't stay there, when the passengers come in, you'll die!) Should this pass unnoticed? Haha! I think someone finally pointed out how rough women could be. This, after all, was the female carriage. To think it took two boys (kids are allowed in the female carriage) just a few stations to sum it up in so matter-of-fact a statement... AREN'T YOU ASHAMED, LADIES?

Television says, kids say the darnedest things. I say, kids say it like it is.


WillyJ said...

At least you had an entertaining ride and found some great insights on humanity, to boot. Next time I take the train, maybe I'll stay beside some kids.
Head off to sunnyday's site, she has an amusing post on the subject.

petrufied said...

Thanks for the tip, WillyJ! Will do! XD

sunnyday said...

That "Marie France, nye!" comment is a quotable quote, nyahaha!! I can just imagine the sentiment that accompanied the kid's remark (but then of course I'm biased -- you know how I feel about such advertising). But I'm glad it was that kind of comment rather than something like "Wow, Marie France, oooh!" :-)

When the all-female carriage became a reality, I was ovejoyed and really grateful. That was years ago, and now I wonder if life in the "co-ed" carriages is less stressful, more serene. If not for men's overactive sweat glands (is that what it is?), especially at the end of a work day, I'd probably go for the mixed carriages any day. Jostling it out in the female carriage has become life-threatening lately, in my experience. You're right, it can make one feel somewhat ashamed. But then, a woman who thinks nothing of pushing her way with gusto into the carriage isn't likely to feel the shame you're referring to. Let's hope this changes :-)

sunnyday said...

Willy, I think I'll do the same thing -- stay where the kids are :-)

Thanks for passing by my blog.