Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby Christmas!

Doesn't baby Yasmine Catalo, with her very infectious smile, make you want to spread the cheer this Christmas? She's our jolly cover baby for Baby Magazine's December issue! The photo was taken by Melai Parcon-Lopez at that quaint collector's shop, Collect and Cherish, Shangri-La Mall.

Lots of very helpful tips this month for new parents, infanticipating moms and families! From celebrating the season with a third trimester bump to handling your infant's first Christmas, and from teaching the little ones about the reason for the season to turning the Christmas junk to fun play things--we'v got it covered. Features include what started the Belen collection of Gigi Abaya-Carlos (and where to visit it!) and how people around the world spend Christmas.

Also interesting are the articles on how to "recycle" your left over food (making a fine "new" meal!), how to teach manners to kids, and how to psyche your toddler to visit the doctor. EDIT: Oh, and there's a very interesting forum on responsibility and parenthood! :-)

Maliyagang Pasko mula sa Baby Magazine!

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