Friday, May 2, 2008

When you care enough to hit send

Discovered this quirky and artsy e-card site called Someecards through (of all sources) the Twitter Newsletter. It mixes vintage illustration with funny one liners. And in true greeting card fashion, it has cards for every occasion and every receiver. The one above is for a breakup. Here's one for a birthday:

This one's a Get Well Soon type:

The site's tag line, "When you care enough to hit send" sums up quite adequately how times have changed. So many things are just a click away, that reaching out is so easy...the drawback is that the meaning of the greetings we send have diminished a little too. How much more meaningful is a phone call than a text message? And why hasn't anyone realized that breaking up through SMS, IMs and email is not the way to go?

E-cards are made for the fast-paced and impersonal life. If you want to let somebody know you're available for a little chat, by all means send an e-card or an email. But the chat itself should be eye to eye--that way, you learn more about your friends, your family, and the other people whose company you'd really like to keep.

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