Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lining up for a taxi takes forevah at Shangri-La Mall

Tonight I took the bus-train-cab way home because I got off from work at sunset and the weather was perfect for wellington boots. Shangri-La Plaza Mall has two lanes for cars to drop off their passengers. The nearer to the entrance is for private cars, while the one farther is for taxis and for those that just use the lane to avoid bad traffic brewing somewhere else (in the Philippines, there's always something of that sort brewing somewhere).

The line for the taxis, naturally, faces the farther lane so that as soon as someone gets off, the person waiting in line could get on with no fuss. But because of the time and the weather, the line got really long, and no cab would take any of us. The taxi drivers either rejected passengers or sped past all of those tired feet on the line--a gesture I can't help associating to a freakishly annoying Road Runner that says "neener-neener" instead of the usual "beep-beep."

To make it worse, the traffic officers were allowing the cabs to use the nearer lane and take as passengers people who never even bothered to line up! It was so frustrating to watch people taking cabs on the other lane from a spot in a line that was made specially for the purpose of making hailing cabs much easier. I would have walked away had it not been dark and rainy.

The woman ahead of me voiced out her complaint to one of the traffic guards, which let us air out our frustrations too. But the guy just brushed it off. So much for constructive criticism.

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