Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Movies that get here late (better late than never)

Before 2008 began, one of my friends was already bubbling (?) with excitement about a certain film called Across the Universe, to the point that we found ourselves out on a Thursday night looking for the DVD in stores. As I've never heard of it before then, I assumed it was some old 60s flick with Beatles music in it.

But no.

It was so new, it apparently just came out...everywhere else but HERE. I'm guessing the movie board decided to postpone showing this film to make way for the Metro Manila Film Fest. Ok. I respect the fact that we're moving some foreign films back in favor of showcasing our homegrown talent. But I really wish it's not almost half a year late!

Across the Universe will be out in (some) theaters tomorrow, March 5. I'm excited to see how they put all the songs together into one movie. It's more like an art film, or so I heard. One of the actresses there, TV Carpio, is Fil-Am, and hopefully she wears her heritage with pride. (But that's another story.)

One more day! It won't be long! (Yeah)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I got your comment. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted it. It was supposed to be my first comment.

But good news, I got the link to your blog before it was deleted.

I heard about this musical. I will leave a review here after I watch it.

See you soon!