Monday, March 24, 2008

Geek discovery!

It takes a little exploring to find wonderful stuff right in your neighborhood, and I'm ashamed to say I only discovered this now: there's a really cool store in Eastwood Cyber and Fashion Mall--it has all sorts of comic books and geeky novelty items (by geeky I mean the comicbook-geek type of geek) from the DC and Marvel stuff to the Manga offerings. There're boxes and boxes of Batman Black and White figurines (if you're that type of fan), and of course there's the "serious" graphic novel-type publications, for people who care more about the art than the pop culture significance.

Did I just forget to give the name of the store? No need for it, the names's in the first picture above. Comic Odyssey is probably the most well-stocked comic book store since CCHQ in Katipunan. That's my sister in the picture: we haven't been comic geeks since high school, but entering this store gave us the butterflies! the nostalgia! the I never imagined how much of my time used to be spent on reading these things and copying these illustrations!

Kept thinking, this is so cool, this is so cool! And yeah, it is. Nothing beats that very clean, seemingly empty rack in the middle: it's chock-full of individual comic digests to warm a collector's heart. And properly labeled too:

I'm no collector, but imagine the glee a collector would feel if even a non-collector would get excited over this! All I can say is: I shall return!


Ligaya said...

Hee, thanks! ♥

But, I've been going to the Comic Odyssey here in Galle since forever... and I keep finding myself in the Trinoma branch for some reason lately, too. XD;

Also, may I link to you? ;3

petrufied said...

of course. i added you to my blogroll. :)

okyoufoundme is a girl! said...

what's the difference between spectacular spiderman and sensational spiderman?


whut just kidding. no i really wanna know tho.

petrufied said...

I think they have a different author-artist tandem? I honestly don't know. Not even sure if the stories are connected...