Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't forget about love

I felt dismayed last Sunday when I learned from sunnyday that Angsioco was encouraging pro-RH Catholics to go to mass wearing purple (good thing I wasn't in purple) and walk out if the priest mentions the RH bill. It's so sad! Whatever happened to sincerely fulfilling the Sunday obligation? How can you honestly receive Jesus (who loves you so much!) in the Eucharist when you go out there in hopes that the priest voices out something you disagree with... and then proudly step out if he does? Put yourself in Christ's shoes. Imagine you're celebrating your birthday and some people attend just so they can readily walk out when they catch you (or someone who vouches for you) saying something they disagree with. Hindi ba masakit?

Amidst all these RH debates (which I have become rather sick of to be honest) people are forgetting that we are all called to love. If you disagree with a friend about this issue, love him or her all the more. It's just an issue, but your friend is a soul. What's to stop you from trying to share with that friend the beautiful things you've learned? And, in turn, listen to that friend--if you both sincerely look for the Truth, it will make itself plain soon enough.

Have a love-filled week!


sopraninigabi said...

I love this!!! :) And I love you my dear! *hug*

sopraninigabi said...

I love this!! :) And I love you, my dear!

petrufied said...

ahihi thanks!!! and I love you too, gabi! <3<3<3