Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bitten by the love bug?

It's February! And how lucky! Jason Evert is coming to Manila! Yipee! I want to attend the talk on Feb 27, 1pm in SMX Convention Center--it's fifty pesos! So do come and attend if you have the time. Lots to learn about love! BTW, the event is called: Real Love Revolution 2011, Romance without Regret.

If you aren't familiar with Jason Evert, watch this video. I like how he starts with "Men need to be challenged to be gentlemen." Enjoy! :D

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sunnyday said...

What an awesome video! How reassuring for us women, how encouraging for men! I'm glad Jason says these things in his talks 'cause both girls and guys NEED to hear these things especially nowadays when people and the media dish out ideas that are misleading and simply way off the mark. I remember believing some of that stuff at some point...

Thanks for posting, Petrufied!