Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick reaction

I'm finding less time to blog nowadays because there is so much to be done. But two mottoes have been keeping me going and so I keep going.

Here's a quick reaction to something about the abandoned baby story I read on the paper today, written by Rina Jimenez-David ("The boy in the plane," At Large, Opinion, Inquirer, Sept 14, 2010). She writes:

"Although to tell the truth, I'm dying to find out who the mother is and know not only how she managed to pull off the feat, but also her reasons for doing so. She must be one gutsy--or terribly desperate--woman. Giving up one's baby, through abandonment, adoption or even abortion, is never an easy or casual decision, and one can only imagine the lengths to which the mother wrestled with her conscience before taking this step."

Oh, so now it's gutsy to choose the easy way out? And it's a victory of sorts to overcome your conscience and take the I-don't-want-this-burden route? Let me get this straight: The conscience is there to wrest with you? I'm sorry, I thought it was there to guide you.

Ok, end of quick reaction. I said it was gonna be quick.


sunnyday said...

I have a quick reaction, too: I agree.

I wonder if this "Cowardice is the new gutsiness" line of thinking will catch on anytime soon. I hope not! An attitude worth propagating runs along the lines of "The brave always choose life (and love)."

Just had a thought: with "choosing the way out" and "shirking responsibility" somehow being equated with being "gutsy" in the column, that would make euthanasia and divorce seem "courageous" moves as well! :-o When they really are not.

petrufied said...

I hope it doesn't catch on too. It's so warped. Kasi di ba gutsy means "daring"? so what's so daring about "avoiding possible setbacks to 'career' and stains to 'reputation'"? It's gutsier to stand up for someone else's life, and to love someone you didn't "plan" on loving.

...Or did RJDavid mean it's gutsy to kill someone bec not many people would do it? It's like praising someone for succeeding in shoplifting--so immature!

Oh, not only euthanasia and divorce, pati suicide would be deemed gutsy, which will probably make doctors participating in assisted suicide look like heroes :-S