Monday, May 31, 2010

Milk tea

Image from Completely Smitten.

Because it's been so hot, I've been dreaming of drinks with ICE. So yesterday, upon the suggestion of my friend Sheree, I made some milk tea.

Nikko's Milk Tea

1 mug hot water
1 tea bag
Ice ice ice!

1. Steep tea in hot water and leave till it cools down to room temp. (This makes strong tea but it will be diluted with milk and ice.)
2. Add milk, sugar and ice. Enjoy!

  • If you don't like milk tea, replace milk with calamansi or lemon juice to make iced tea.
  • Sago is a good idea, but only if you have sago straw. :-P~
  • Iced coffee is good too. Just make sure to dissolve coffee creamer (if you use it) in hot water first.
  • Vanilla milk tea? Add 1/2 tsp. vanilla essence.
  • Avatar tea? Add 1-2 drops blue food color. (But whyyy? LOL)
  • Drink while reading Moby Dick. (It's written in a roundabout style that'll make you feel the afternoon is longer than it actually is. Plus... white whale is most awesome.)
  • Drink while watching Singing in the Rain. Try tap dancing after, and then make more tea to cool off. Pray for more men on TV and movies to keep cool by singing and tap dancing in rain instead of taking shirt off.
Have a chilly June day!


sunnyday said...

LOL! Nice :-D

May I make a second viewing suggestion? After "Singin' in the Rain," it may be nice to watch the video of "Love me for a reason" -- Osmonds version, of course. Especially if one did some spirited tap dance along with Gene Kelly, the suave and not too physically demanding moves of the Osmonds' dance routine could be the tea drinker's cool-down routine ;-)

Btw, I'm wondering where "milk" is in the list of ingredients? Hehe...

sunnyday said...

P.S. The Osmonds!

petrufied said...

LOL!! Oh yeah. I'll edit it thanks!! XD

Tama! The Osmonds with their turning and place-switching ;-) so fun!