Saturday, April 10, 2010

Haciendero baby

It's summer! And so hot! Who wouldn't want to bite into a cool and juicy slice of watermelon? It sure is very enticing to be in the shoes of the little watermelon farmer on the cover; little Mikle Flores's cute expression here is captured by Ralph Alejandrino.

What's so fun about the summer issue? Well, we've put together a lot of useful articles for parents and parents-to-be! What I remember most about this issue is that I learned how discovery is always something we can look forward to in everything that we do, no matter how much we've done it before. I've been with the magazine for three years and it was only in the making of this month's issue that I learned babies can't yet carry their own slice of watermelon! Little Mikle had such a hard time lifting the juicy slice that he (smart baby that he is) simply just bent down to get a big bite off the fruit--leaving us (Baby mag staff and his parents Karen and Mon) in stitches! Poor Ralph had to wait a few moments to catch Mikle with his face not buried in the fruit.

It's days like this that remind us how different babies are from the rest of us--and while we all know that they need our protection, support, and guidance, we can benefit from the fact that they (in their vulnerability and innocence) can teach us a thing or two about life and the world, particularly in that the world still has its mysteries... and that uncovering these mysteries (when we set out to discover and learn something new) is what makes each day a bit more special than the last. And if we have to bend down to the watermelon to have a sample of one of life's sweet and simple pleasures, then bend we do; let's not be afraid to try new things now!

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sunnyday said...

Me want watermelon!

petrufied said...

me want cantaloupe!!! XD