Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity

Been reading some stories of the youth who participated in the Silent Day. I found it so inspiring that many of those kids started out being the only ones with tape in their mouth, and then as the day progressed, more and more people joined in and gave up their voices also. A lot of them got made fun of, too; and I think it takes a lot of mettle to shake off bad comments and ridicule.

On silent day, I dug up a red shoe lace from my mom's trunk (I was really looking for a ribbon from her scrapbooking materials, but there was none) and decided to wear it in my wrist all day as a reminder to myself that there were a lot of intentions and people to pray for that day. And if anybody asked what I was wearing a shoelace in my wrist for, then wouldn't it be a good take off point to say something about silent day?

What I learned that day was that there's something really striking about losing one's voice forever, and losing it without one's consent at that. It was my telling of Silent Day to friends that made me realize it. I guess I've been thinking too much about how to explain the hard stuff (especially the gray area known as contraception) that I've forgotten the simple fact that abortion destroys a whole life full of possibilities, and that that life could have been YOU.

I remember when I was a kid (probably an old kid haha), I read a news story on China's one-child policy. The first thing I thought of when I finished it was, 'If they did that in the Philippines, I wouldn't be around, and neither would my younger sister.' Actually, I said, "E di wala pala ako." Ouch.

How I could have forgotten to think simply like that, I don't know. But yesterday was a good reminder of what one is truly fighting for when he wears the word "LIFE."


Anonymous said...

It's the small things that make a difference. Simply telling people why you were wearing a little red shoelace may have changed a life. God will not forget thaty you took the time -- and the risk -- to stand up for life, to stand in solidarity with those who have been silenced.

God bless you always!

petrufied said...

you too, Manny, God bless :D thanks for dropping by!

it's so inspiring to read about the other people's experiences :D even if a person's speaking out saves only one life, that counts for so much already. lots to pray for :D

sunnyday said...

I'm sure all these efforts -- big and small -- are instrumental in transforming society to be more life-loving, child-loving, family-loving. Also, they help in boosting the idealism of those who (whether they know it or not) would want the good to prevail instead of letting what's easy, convenient, pleasurable and profitable determine our choices as individuals and as a society.

Congrats on taking the step and talking with your friends about it :-)