Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lifeguards and lifesavers

These pins cost P20, and they sold out today! Together with some friends, I attended a Pro-Life event today at the St. Francis Church in Ortigas Center. We were really supposed to have a Jericho March for Life, but Ortigas traffic officials took back the permit to march just last week because of, well, traffic concerns.

Of course, that doesn't diminish the urgency of the cause. This being the last activity for Pro-Life month, people who support the right to life still gathered together to pray for and discuss about the pertinent issues regarding protecting the Filipino family. (This afternoon, by the way, UA&P has a talk on the Magna Carta of Women, a piece of legislation some groups are trying to get passed by March--a.k.a. International Women's Month. This bill takes away a person's right to invoke his/her religious beliefs as a valid reason to not submit to the bill's provisions, among other things suspiciously not pro-women at all. But more on that some other time.)

Hopefully next time, we'll really get to march. But for now, here are some pictures I took of the event. When we do get to march, am hoping to see more excellent people around! Yes? Yes!

To read more about Pro-Life work here in the Philippines, click here. :-D


WillyJ said...

Good they are sold out. But I don't have one yet :-(
Is that Sister Pilar in the pic? (with D.)

sunnyday said...

I have one of those buttons but I'm buying more :-) Really good quality, nice matte finish

sunnyday said...

The Magna Carta of Women doesn't live up to its name. It's not even pro-women on the whole. Too bad, 'cause many things about it would really advance women's welfare but they just had to insert some things that undermine the whole thing.

petrufied said...

Yup, WillyJ! That's Sister Pilar. :D Looks like Sunnyday knows where to get more of those nice buttons ;)

Anonymous said...

It's too bad the Jericho March didn't push through. The pro-RH fanatics are crowing about how our event "failed". Let them fool themselves. I encourage you all to organize another event and this time let's march, with or without a permit.

If we keep the crowd in moving small groups of around 10 people each, we won't cause any disturbance and perhaps no permit will be needed. Or if we need one, there wpn't be a reason to deny it.

petrufied said...

Thanks for dropping by Maddog! Yeah I do hope we could make another march and we'll have many people this time. :D