Thursday, September 11, 2008

Read it, know it

Yeah, yeah, no time to scan. (That's me holding the issue and Ditas in the background--amidst the happy mess that is our office.) But here's the September issue, which means more Baby goodness! Our theme for this month is "Your baby's first year" so you can expect more baby-related articles. We made quite a lot of visual changes so the magazine is now more pleasing to the eye.

See that chinky-eyed cutie on the cover? His name is Jaden Mariano. The photographer for this shoot was Bobot Go. We really think he's a handsome young'un. We look forward to featuring more babies that show the diversity of cuteness in our beautiful country! teehee!

Do take some time to read the Preconceived Notions article on contraceptives by Denice Nillas-Price. While so much hype is being planted on the overpopulation and poverty issue to boost artificial family planning initiatives, one wonders why none of the ill effects of these "medicines" ever see print. TV, radio and print media rely heavily on advertisements, and with artificial family planning companies setting aside huge budgets for advertising, it's no surprise these little bits of inefficiencies are never made known to readers who deserve to know all...especially with things they're told to put in their own body.

Hopefully, this issue helps parents be vigilant in the management of their home and in raising happy and healthy families. Enjoy reading!


sunnyday said...

Gosh, baby Jaden is really so adorable =)

Nice photo. Who took it?

petrufied said...

I used the mac's web cam and Photobooth application. :D hehe!

sopraninigabi said...

Devoured the September ish today. I really like Baby Mag!! Definitely worth every centavo.

And baby Jaden is just too cute!
"A little siopao with eyes," as Tata put it. Tee hee. Will laminate his photo.

petrufied said...

hi gabi!!! Thanks, we really work hard to give readers a meaty issue every month! :D

and Jaden is a DARLING isn't he???