Thursday, April 17, 2008

Commuting illegally

Because my regular bus's yellow plate was denied for the route it takes daily, the service decided to just change routes so they could move north to south of the metropolis legally. This is another way of saying I am left without a ride to work and back for the rest of my stay in where I live and/or where I work.

Of course that doesn't stop me from going to work. So in the quest for the cheapest and most convenient ride home, I asked around for jeep/train/bus/FX/shuttle rides that travel along my route. Of the commuting schedules I drew up, only one came up that required just two rides instead of three. So I tried it: took a bus to Ayala and then walked to Paseo for the shuttle to Marikina. (They pass by Libis, where I live.)

To my surprise, no one would take me in! The drivers all said, "Maraming nanghuhuli sa Libis! Ayoko magbaba doon." (There are a lot of police officers in Libis! I don't want to let you off there.) They told me they'd take me if I get off in a place less convenient just so they won't get caught.

I decided not to take that shuttle because I didn't want to get off in a place less guarded than (and farther to) the regular unloading area in Libis. This incident makes me think that not all shuttles are operating legally. Why must they inconvenience passengers if they're allowed to make trips? There's no need to hide from traffic enforcers when you're unloading in the properly designated area.

I don't know the whole picture; just wondering. But I decided to just take the three-ride-commute instead of that one. Even if the travel time is longer, it's a more secure one tells you to get off where you don't want to.

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